Ritual Relief Pure Distillate

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Buy Magic Mushroom Distillate!, Ritual Relief Pure Distillate is made with 100% pure psilocybin extracts. Psilocybin Distillates are great for people who dislike the taste of dried magic mushrooms. It is the easiest way to incorporate Psilocybin to your regular diet. Research as shown that Microdosing is an effective way to treat depression, anxiety, addictions, PTSD, and other mental illnesses. Not only is it easy, you get the purest form of the journey. Our proprietary dual extraction distillate has been lab tested and approved to ensure strength and consistency.  Ritual Relief Pure Distillate is also vegan and gluten free.

Our 1:1 (1G:1ML) ratio makes it easy for all projects you may have in experimenting with practical culinary creations and recreational purposes. You will experience a true and accurate dose of pure psilocybin extract while excluding the grittiness and gut-rot of traditional dried magic mushroom.


100% Pure Psilocybin Distillate


10ml / 10,000mg DME (dried mushroom equivalent)

1 Dropper (0.5ml) = 500mg DME

0.5 Dropper (0.25ml) = 250mg DME

11 reviews for Ritual Relief Pure Distillate

  1. Anthony Kenny

    This product is very suitable for microdosing.

  2. Bertha Walker

    Great for someone suffering from depression, worth the bucks.

  3. Edward Mullis

    Amazing. Absolutely love this product

  4. Martha Patel

    they work perfectly for anxiety and sleepless nights

  5. Donna Burnside

    with the consistency and quality of this capsule will continue to purchase these.

  6. Beryl Mullins

    I am in love with these

  7. Christopher Damron

    Can’t wait to order them again, perfect for microdosing or having a slight fun trip with friends

  8. Christopher Damron

    This is the most natural medication you can prescribe to yourself.

  9. Mary Brennan

    Going out and getting things done and being able to giggle and feel relaxed just enough for me 1 to 2 capsules I take

  10. Dorothy Hornsby

    Very impressed with these capsules I well definently buy them again.

  11. Nicole G. Flowers

    Good trip when I took 8 Caps. Beat the hell out of eating raw mushrooms. Will definitely purchase again.

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