Dark Chocolate and magic mushrooms

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psilocybin edibles legal, A delicious alternative that infuses real psilocybin mushrooms with delicious dark chocolate to mask any harsh aftertastes. These mushroom edibles are ideal for beginners and experienced psychonauts alike, coming in 3.5g to satisfy the needs of everyone. Dark Chocolate & Magic Mushrooms is a potent and well-rounded mushroom strain that is known for its euphoric buzz and intense sensory hallucinogenic effects.


Dark Chocolate & Magic Mushrooms is a potent and well-rounded mushroom strain that is known for its’ euphoric buzz and intense sensory hallucinogenic effects.

  • (1) 3.5g Chocolate Bar (FREE Small Sticker)


11 reviews for Dark Chocolate and magic mushrooms

  1. Patrick F. Funk

    One of my favourites. Easy dosage and good flavour. Enjoy the trip

  2. Linda Bennett

    Great product very potent very strong visual effects and the chocolate was much better than eating dried shrooms.

  3. Jaime Voegele

    The Wife loved these. They tasted great and helped to ease her anxiety about trying shrooms by offering convenient dosing. Would definitely buy again.

  4. Frank Clay

    One word to describe these ….. WOWZA!!
    I have tried multiple different edibles nothing in comparison these blew me straight out of the universe and back
    Very vivid visuals had instant connections to other beings not sure if that’s because I’ve smoked dmt and now have that portal open
    Either way thank you!!!!

  5. William Carl

    These were amazing!! Definitely recommend

  6. Chris Kearney

    These had a great jovial effect, not to psychedelic for just one chocolate so easy to dose and a very good experience. Would buy again.

  7. Scott Smith

    The chocolates themselves are very potent and taste way better than a regular mushroom, of course

  8. Jason Rector

    Bit Pricey but gave me one of the best trip ever

  9. David McEachern

    This is genuine and potent stuff. The chocolate preserves the psilocybin well and at the same time makes it much easier to eat than mushrooms.
    I took all 3 at once as a heroic dose, and the trip was exciting and enjoyable

  10. Clyde Taylor

    I honestly love these things. They take the most of the nastiness with dried shrooms out of the equation plus they always work. I tried most of the available species and they all work great, the downside is they were better value when they were $40.

  11. Marcus Paro

    These are my personal favourite. Effects come on fairly quickly and PE has such a great overall effect with some visuals.

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Dark Chocolate and magic mushroomsDark Chocolate and magic mushrooms
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